CAD-independent Technology for Multi-CAD Integration in Enterprise Applications
Oceans SDK (OSDK) is CCE's proprietary technology that allows enterprise applications to work with product data in CAD files without access to the CAD software. Enterprise applications such as PLM, ERP, MRP etc. currently achieve this is by using expensive royalty-based API's licensed from CAD software OEM's and creating individual plug-ins for each supported format. Using OSDK simplifies the application architecture without compromising on the functionality.
Oceans SDK CATIA V4, CATIA V5, CATIA V6 3DEXPERIENCE, Inventor, Autodesk Design Review, Creo, SOLIDWORKS, Solid Edge, NX


CCE's Oceans SDK enables multi-CAD data integration in Enterprise Applications
February 20, 2018
CCE, a leading provider of advanced interoperability technology, announced an update to Oceans SDK (OSDK), a first-of-its-kind technology fo ...
Any ISV or corporate enterprise application development team looking at 3D CAD integration in their enterprise application(s) should consider OSDK. This could include (but not restricted to):
Product Data Management (PDM) / Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP)
Web-based Catalog
Sales Configuration Systems
3D Search functionality
OSDK is available as a C++ API. It is based on CCE's robust ODX libraries that are currently used by leading CAD/CAM/CAE Software Vendors (ISV) for their CAD-independent viewers and translators.


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For Enterprise Application Developers:
Simple Integration: OSDK's unified API for all major CAD systems enable enterprise applications to create a single integration to work with CAD data from multiple sources, thereby making initial development very simple and keeping on-going maintenance costs low.
Single Vendor: OSDK's multi-CAD support helps enterprise software companies work with a single vendor to implement CAD interfaces, thereby greatly simplifying vendor management.
Lower Skills: CAD expertise not needed.
For Enterprise Application Users:
Lower Cost: OSDK is completely CAD-independent. As a result, enterprise application users no longer need to invest in expensive CAD software/licenses to work with multi-CAD data.
Simpler IT Setup: Since OSDK has a unified architecture and provides support for multi-CAD data via a single solution, software and license management is very simple and reduces the overall IT support overhead for users.
OSDK provides read & edit* API for native multi-CAD data. OSDK is a first of its kind CAD-independent technology that allows enterprise application vendors to propagate changes done to file parameters/properties in their software, back to the CAD side, thereby updating the source CAD data and repairing broken file references.
OSDK works with assemblies, parts and drawings of all major CAD formats. If you need specific details of APIs available for read and edit access respectively, please contact oceans-sdk@cadcam-e.com.


CAD Formats File Formats Version (Read) Version (Edit)
CATIA V5 *.CATPart, *.CATProduct, *.CATDrawing, *.CATShape, *.CGR V5 R10 to V5-6R2020 (R30) R19 to V5-6R2016 (R26)
CATIA V6 *.3dxml R2010x to R2017x -
SOLIDWORKS *.sldprt, *.prt, *.sldasm, *.asm, *.slddrw, *.drw 2001plus to 2020 2012 to 2016
NX *.prt UG 15 to NX 1899 NX 8.0 to NX 10
Inventor *.ipt, *.iam, *.idw R11 to 2020 -
Creo *.prt.*, *.asm.*, *.drw.*, *.xpr.*, *.xas.* 18 to Creo 6.0 -
Solid Edge *.par, *.asm, *.psm, *.dft 18 to 2020 -
JT *.jt 6.4 to 10.5 -
*Edit access is currently available for CATIA V5, SOLIDWORKS and NX
For additional information, contact oceans-sdk@cadcam-e.com with your specific requirements.
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