CAD Libraries (Oceans SDK) - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Oceans SDK?

Oceans SDK is a CAD-independent middleware component technology that allows easy integration of 3D CAD data assets in enterprise applications such as PLM, ERP and MRP via a unified architecture. Oceans SDK is derived from CCE's robust ODX libraries.

Does Oceans SDK support all CAD formats?

This list keeps on increasing, so be sure to check in periodically to see if we have any further updates. At present Oceans SDK has support for the following formats:

Solid Edge
Does Oceans SDK support 2D?

Yes. Please download the Oceans SDK Data Sheet for a detailed list of APIs available.

I understand Oceans SDK can read external file reference information. Can you write such information back in the file?

Yes. Please download the Oceans SDK Data Sheet for a detailed list of APIs available.

Is Oceans SDK CAD independent?

Yes, Oceans SDK is completely CAD independent and does not need access to software/license of the CAD formats you're trying to read in like CATIA, SOLIDWORKS, Creo, NX etc.

What platform(s) does Oceans SDK support?

Oceans SDK currently supports Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32-bit and 64-bit).

How do I evaluate Oceans SDK?

We provide time-limited trial/evaluation of our Oceans SDK. Evaluation periods are typically from 30 to 60 days. Evaluations are free of charge and you receive full support during the evaluation period. The trial package comes with complete documentation, use cases and sample programs. You will however need to sign an Evaluation Agreement prior to working with our libraries.

Alternatively, you can contact to get time-limited access to Explore 3D, our free software to view 3D CAD data, model information and metadata right inside Windows Explorer, without requiring license of any CAD system. Explore 3D provides a quick & easy way to see some of data that Oceans SDK provides access to.

Do you share code samples, use cases?

Our trial/evaluation package includes complete documentation, use cases and sample programs.

Will my application's licensing be restricted by Ocean SDK's licensing architecture?

No. You can use your own licensing architecture for 'locking' your software. However, every client will be provided with a unique license key by CCE. Application has to set license details before calling any Oceans SDK API.

What about enhancements and new releases?

Oceans SDK libraries follow a release/development schedule that is shared with our customers. Per this release schedule, we typically have 3-4 releases every year including CAD version support updates, general enhancements & bug fixes. We are committed to updating Oceans SDK to support latest versions of CAD formats within 90 days of general availability (GA).