Open Data Exchange(ODX)


CCE has developed proprietary technology to read and write native CAD data. We brand these libraries as Open Data eXchange (ODX). File formats currently supported include CATIA V4, CATIA V5, CATIA V6, NX, SOLIDWORKS, Inventor, Creo, JT, Solid Edge, Parasolid, ACIS, IGES, STEP, 3D PDF, VDA, and STL.
These libraries, built completely from the ground up and not based on any native CAD APIs, do not require CAD software or licenses. Applications developed using our ODX libraries are totally independent of CAD. These libraries are very robust and are currently being used by a number of leading CAx software ISVs. The libraries, written in C++, are easy to implement and follow software releases via continuous updates.
ODX gives the user the ability to read and write native CAD files, without the cost of ownership associated with the CAD system.
We offer CAD readers via a unified interface, Unified Data eXchange (UDX) that allows software vendors achieve total CAD interoperability using a single API in the shortest possible time, while not compromising on the uniqueness or native functionality of each format. CAD Readers developed using UDX also have significantly reduced ongoing maintenance.
CCE is unique in its ability, not just to read, but also to be able to write native CAD data. We do it using our Write ODX (WODX) libraries.
Geometry at Part and Assembly level
Attributes of geometry (Color, Visibility, Names ...)
Complete Product Structure with attributes (Hidden, Suppressed)
PMI / GD&T / FT&A in part and assembly files
Persistence info (geometry) for uni-directional associativity
Feature Tree and Feature Parameters data
Materials and material properties
Datum References
User defined parameters
Total CAD Independence – no CAD license or software required
Independence from ISVs partner selection process
Overcome limitations of CAD API to provide support for application specific data
Support for latest CAD versions
Ability to create an associative CAD interface
Access to experienced CCE developers during implementation
Faster turnaround on bug fixes and enhancements
Enterprise flat fee licensing
CAD Formats Read (UDX) Write (WODX)
CATIA V4 Up to V4.2.5 3.2.3 & 4.1.9
CATIA V5 V5 R6 to V5-6R2023 V5 R10 to V5-6R2023
CATIA V6 2010x to 2020x -
SOLIDWORKS 2001Plus to 2023 2007, 2009, 2011, 2015, 2018 & 2020
NX UG 13 to NX 2306 NX5, NX7, NX8, NX10, NX 12 & 1980
Creo Pro/Engineer 18 to Creo 10 -
Solid Edge 18 to 2023 -
Inventor R11 to 2024 -
Parasolid 8 to 35 8 to 25
JT 6.4 to 10.7 8.1, 9.4, 10
IGES Up to 5.3 5.2
STEP AP203, AP214 AP203, AP214
3D PDF - 1.7
ACIS R2 to R25 -
ODX supports Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux platforms (RHEL & SUSE).
For additional information, contact with your specific requirements.