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To innovate involves recognizing an opportunity that no one else sees, and creating a solution to exploit that opportunity. For this, it's critical to have a sound understanding of how things work now, and be able to identify the pitfalls, before proposing a solution to address the problem. At CCE, we live by this doctrine.

That is how we recognized the challenges one of our customers was facing in transforming their legacy product line to "smart" products. Using our knowledge of electro-mechanical product design, IoT and embedded systems, we created a working prototype of a fully functional IoT-enabled product to serve as a roadmap for their smart product strategy.

Innovation is in Our DNA

We work with the best engineers on the planet. Period. It's a challenge, but over the years we have been very successful at hiring and retaining great talent! But as we often remind ourselves at CCE, "with great talent, comes great responsibility". We hire the best engineering minds and throw challenges at them that push their innovative minds to the limit.

Our engineers are encouraged to work on creative ideas of their interest and tinker with prototypes in our Innovation Lab. Some ideas are successful, most are not. But isn't that what true innovation is? Like the famous saying goes "If you're not failing, you're not trying hard enough".

From our Innovation Lab...

Create "Smart" Products

In keeping with industry trends, and competitive pressure, our customer, a major windows and doors manufacturer based in the US Midwest, was mulling over options to create a smart product strategy for their legacy product line.

CCE created a scaled prototype of a fully-operational sliding door that could be actuated (open/close) with other smart features based on an IoT-enabled mechanism. The goal was to use this prototype to create a roadmap for our customer to create smart doors and windows.

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Consumer Appliance

CCE successfully designed and built a working prototype of a product named Quidli that automatically produces idlis, a breakfast staple consumed by most of South India.

Idlis are produced by a conventional process that is time consuming, inefficient and wastes water and energy.

Quidli is much more efficient than the conventional process as it is

  • 4 times faster
  • Consumes a quarter of the energy
  • One-fifth of water of the conventional process


"Problem Hound" mindset

Our relentless pursuit of seeking out problems and then figuring out innovative ways to solve them is what sets us apart from other companies. We go well beyond just traditional "services" and focus our energies on identifying problems and providing innovative solutions.

Managed by proven processes

But, while NPD is driven by creativity, like all creative pursuits it needs to be managed by proven processes. Without this discipline, projects keep running without any measurable outcomes for long periods of time. We have been in business long enough to know that there is a method to this, without which your new product development initiatives are likely to fail!

Product Design Knowledge

CCE has years of product design and Value Analysis/Value Engineering (VAVE) experience using CATIA, NX, SOLIDWORKS, Creo and Inventor. We have successfully completed several engineering outsourcing projects for our customers from different industries. Some examples of our product design include:

CATIA Value Analysis/Value Engineering (VAVE):
A Design and Outsourcing Case Study

SolidWorks Value Analysis/Value Engineering (VAVE):
A Design Optimization Outsourcing Case Study

NX Product Design and Development (NPD):
A Design and Outsourcing Case Study

Quick Start Program

Of course, we understand that talk is cheap. Engineering product development is an important part of your business and we understand your apprehensions about introducing any changes. That's why people have test drives, right? With that in mind, we have created a unique low-risk way to evaluate us and get a complete sense of our capabilities, processes and collaboration technologies. We call this the "Quick Start Program". Please submit your information and we will get in touch with you within one business day and walk you through the process and how you can get started.

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