EnSuite is a web-centric product. The product depends on an accessible internet connection on the computer where it is installed. If you DO NOT HAVE an internet connection, do not install the product on the computer. The product uses the internet to perform certain functions but does not need it continuously to operate. "Web-centric" also means:

Software upgrades are delivered via the internet. No upgrades can be provided by any other mechanism. The product is packaged to be self-updating. You can control when and how its updated. Update information is also provided via the internet. CCE reserves the right to supply this information to your EnSuite desktop on designated areas of the EnSuite screen
Software support, technical and otherwise, is provided only via the internet, irrespective of urgency or priority. The product uses a combination of email and URLs to deliver robust technical support. No technical support will be provided via telephone or fax. CCE shall make every effort to contact you within 24 to 48 hours after receipt of your support request. CCE reserves the right to contact you via telephone, when it deems necessary, for solving support issues. CCE reserves the right to add components to the EnSuite desktop to enable remote support feature
While CCE makes every effort to assure quality of our products, CCE does not guarantee that all the tools included in EnSuite will work as designed. In the event you encounter an error with the operation of a tool, you should contact technical support via the 'Technical Support' button provided in the main EnSuite menu. CCE shall make every effort to reproduce your problem within 24 to 48 hours after receipt of your support request. If the problem can be reproduced, CCE will automatically include an error fix in a future update of the tool. If the problem cannot be reproduced, CCE will inform you and may request additional information to help in the investigation.
CCE shall make good faith efforts to provide error fixes in a future version or release of the software at CCE's discretion.
Technical support included in the Subscription DOES NOT INCLUDE any efforts from CCE personnel to convert or translate your data, even if you have identified operation errors with EnSuite or the tools.
CCE reserves the right to add, modify or remove any tools and services from EnSuite. CCE reserves the right to discontinue general availability of any tool or service or product from EnSuite with upto 180 days notice. Such notice will be served via EnSuite. In case of a discontinued tool, if you have already downloaded the tool, then you can continue to use the tool even after its discontinuation; however CCE does not guarantee that these tools will operate successfully with newer releases of EnSuite itself. CCE also shall not provide further updates or support for such tools after official date of discontinuation.
You must ACCEPT the above terms prior to installing and using the software. Using the Registration ID that CCE has provided is acceptance of the above terms.