Users across the extended enterprise frequently need to access engineering data from CAD files, without learning to use the CAD system. EnSuite provides a user-friendly way to obtain accurate information from all major CAD and Standard formats without requiring a CAD license.
This includes:
Measure distances, hole dimensions, wall thickness
Compute mass properties, bounding volumes, assembly interferences
Generate Bill of Materials
Compare parts and assemblies and a lot more.

Compare Parts & Assemblies

EnSuite provides tools for visual verification and comparison of part and assembly files by overlapping the part geometry, comparing geometry with points on second model, comparing the difference in the assembly structure, and transformation. This is especially useful for Quality Control purposes and can be used as the first level inspection.
EnSuite can be used to measure geometric entities and feature data. It also makes working with assemblies easy by providing access to interference allow full screen data in assemblies.

Bill of Materials (BOM)

EnSuite provides product information like Bill Of Materials and Parent-Child info in assemblies. This information can help purchasing identify all of the parts in an assembly in preparation for make or buy decisions.

Multi-CAD Assembly

EnSuite provides the ability to create an assembly by bringing in parts/assemblies from multiple CAD formats. This is especially useful in a heterogeneous supply chain environment, where suppliers and OEM's work with multi-CAD data towards the same product design.