CCE sells its products and services directly through its sales staff, as well as through an expansive network of authorized resellers throughout the world. Resellers complement our direct sales staff by expanding our market in areas where we cannot efficiently service our customers directly.
Products that are integrated within a CAD/CAM host like SOLIDWORKS, NX, Catia, and Pro/E, and where a well-developed reseller channel system already exists, are primarily sold through reseller channels.
Benefits of being a CCE Reseller
Eligible for a volume-based discount on licenses purchased for reselling.
Resellers can sell all products that they have been authorized by CCE to do so. CCE reserves the right to revoke/modify this authorization at any time.
Our credit terms are Net 30 days.
Product licenses to demonstrate product to prospects
Private Web Reseller Area to check product prices, register clients, place orders, generates demolicenses, etc
Advanced announcements of product releases, both new products and new versions of existing products, price changes, and other reseller policy changes
Whenever possible, CCE will make pre-release copies of our software available to resellers