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Explore 3D is a FREE software to view 3D CAD data, model information and metadata right inside Windows Explorer, without requiring license of any CAD system.
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Explore 3D is only available for Windows 7/8/8.1/10 64-bit.

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It is really simple, I don't need to launch a program. I just can see the modeling data from the file browser. It's really coolest software I've ever seen. I hope it could be a free

Chaitanya, IFB Automotive Private Limited

Good for discussion and file understanding before opening file.

David Comber, John Wood Group PLC

This is a very useful tool indeed. The ability to see previews of parts and assemblies without opening them in CAD saves a lot of time. The fact that this can be used for free makes it even better!

Jorte, Gaindu

It is good to see structures and 3D of my old pieces of Catia V5, and be able to observe the components of the sets. I use it with a preview Thank you.

Wlawershenze, Max-boegl

Very outstanding, light and accessible. Good idea and very good implementation. It is recommended by me. Keep it up. Very easy installation and handling.

Ti, Simgraph

Awesome CAD tool, I use it to preview CAD files before loading part or assembly, this saves time of loading large assemblies and realizing it was a wrong CAD files. Thanks


Explore 3D is one of the best 3D viewer and I guess it is the only software with which we can view 3D directly in windows explorer. It is very useful for those who does not have the professional CAD softwares.

Rtomas, ESPAS, Inc

This tool is very helpful, a beats any other file viewer I have ever seen. On my wish list is a modification that can show third angle projections and be able to create screen dumps.


Thanks! for this greatful and helpful software. It really helps showing models without opening all dedicated softwares you should need to. goooooooooooooooooooood!


Explore 3D is a very good application which works properly and help us to open cad files from different software. I use it to preview CAD files to realize the price offer for different parts.

Romberg.J, Okuma Europe GmbH

Works like a charme and it is a nice support in the daily hassle. And it is free as well. We have many different files from different sources wthout any naming conventions.

Mimoun Sbai, Cetim

Good application, works properly, should be part of the tools installed by default on any computer station that is used to display CAD files from multiple sources. thank you to the team who developed this tool.

Marcus Torres, Edaetech - Engineering and Technology, SA

Very good tool to view some CAD files for those who do not have Catia or other compatible software. We really appreciate your work, best regards to the whole team from Portugal!

Orionl, SodaStream USA Inc.

Thanks for sharing me your wonderful application. this can let me view cad files such as pro engineer files without the need of purchase the license of native cad and start learning it.

Inspect, United Tool & Mold, Inc.

Explore 3D is a wonderful way to quickly view CAD data as well as part/assembly properties without having to wait for a render program to load, then to find the file, then for the file to load.

Jay Turek

Great tool to quickly view 3d files. I use it daily to find the right file to open is a full CAD system. It opens almost everything our customers throw at us... haven't found anything better.


Awesome CAD tool, I use it to preview CAD files before loading part or assembly, this saves time of loading large assemblies and realizing it was a wrong CAD files. Thanks


It is the most user friendly CAD viewer i have used and works well with most CAD software in the market. However, it may take some time to load but smooth in rotation view. Thanks

Electro Labs II

Very useful way to explore Catia files. Very easy to use. We use it regularly to determine customer masking needs for metal finishing. Thank you for providing such a useful tool.

Alex Robinson, Mezzo Technologies

Makes searching for the correct model quick and easy. Allows me to find the appropriate model without tying up a CAD license. Also allows you to see the feature tree, configs and basic properties.

Jason Turek, Interplex USA

Explore 3D has been a great tool to quickly see CATIA files.

BV Patil

Cool tool, handy for engineers dealing with CAD data. Easy to use, needs no effort from user. It works flawless.

Gopi Yadev

Different product idea. Can able to view files in explorer without having to install any CAD software. its easy and quick.

Michal, ABB Poland

It's ok ! I am not using it too much, but if I have to quickly have a look at the model, it's useful. What's more sometimes I have to check parameters in the models and that's where it is useful as well!

Explore 3D allows users to view 3D CAD data and all file properties/metadata directly inside of Windows Explorer, simply by enabling the preview pane. Users are not only able to view 3D data but also model information like file type, version, units, and have access to material information, configurations, and engineering approvals – all within Windows Explorer. Explore 3D uses CCE's proprietary Oceans SDK technology at its core that is licensed by enterprise application providers for enabling CAD data access in their software. Explore 3D is completely independent of CAD and does not need a license of the CAD format it displays. Latest versions of all major CAD formats are supported including CATIA V5, CATIA V6 (3DXML), SOLIDWORKS, NX, Creo, Inventor, Solid Edge among others.
Providing access to 3D CAD and meta data directly inside of Windows Explorer is very useful for small and medium businesses particularly, since a lot of them leverage online data storage platforms like Dropbox and OneDrive to manage their engineering data and documentation.
Most online storage platforms allow organizations to perform activities like infrastructure-free file versioning, access control, audit logs, file back-up and recovery, seamless and secure file sharing, and collaboration, among other things, from the familiar confines of Windows explorer; there is also support for documents, images, presentations, etc. The missing link is its ability to handle engineering/CAD data. Explore 3D meets this needs and its FREE!

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