EnSuite Free Download
Thank you for your interest in EnSuite!
You can download CCE's free version of EnSuite, for immediate use, through the CCE Labs web portal.
The free version, EnSuite-View, allows you to read and view all supported CAD formats.
If you are interested in exporting data to all supported, native CAD formats, along with other extra features, check out CCE's paid, commercial version of EnSuite.
Here is a breakdown of the differences between the free and paid versions of EnSuite.
EnSuite-Lite EnSuite-View
Number of files
Unlimited Unlimited 5 per month
  • Multi-CAD Viewers
      Support for all major CAD formats
      Quick View (Approximated geometry)
      Advanced View (Exact geometry)
      Model Tree Display
      Model Tree Manipulation
      Image Capture, Mark-up, & Save
      Cross section views
  • Data Translators
      Export to IGES, STEP & 3D PDF
      Export to Native CAD (V4, V5, NX, SolidWorks)
      Export to Parasolid & JT
      Batch Translation Mode
      Parallel processing in Batch Translation
  • Productivity Tools
      Bounding Box
      Foot Print
      Model Compare
      Mold Tools (Draft Analysis & Undercut Analysis)
      Create Reference Entities & Annotations
      Attach Materials
      Edit Graphic Attributes
  • Assemblies
      Where Used
      Bill of Materials (BOM)
      Edit Assembly (Add / Remove / Move Components)
      Flatten Assembly
      Assembly Interference
      Create Multi-CAD Assembly
  • Collaboration / Automation
      Email Integration
Number of files
Unlimited Unlimited 5 per month