Engineering Collaboration is about to change…forever!

November 12, 2020 Debankan Chattopadhyay

This has been a strange year, thanks largely to circumstances and situations outside of our control. Life for a lot of us came to a standstill because of the COVID crises. But we did not let that deter us from innovating. Looking back, we were quite prescient when earlier in the year we professed that while Life comes to a halt...innovation doesn’t have to!

Our team has been working for the past few months on some really cool updates to our EnSuite-Cloud product. We are (finally!) very close to come out of stealth mode with EnSuite-Cloud ReVue that is set to change engineering collaboration forever! EnSuite-Cloud ReVue will enable people working remotely use its unique secure peer-to-peer technology for CAD collaboration.

EnSuite-Cloud has been a phenomenally successful viewer that works directly on the browser with thousands of users viewing files every day. It supports all major CAD formats, including CATIA V5, CATIA V6 (3DXML), SOLIDWORKS, NX, Creo, Autodesk Inventor, Solid Edge, JT, IFC and glTF among others.

EnSuite-Cloud ReVue will focus on CAD collaboration using the idea of decentralized web. With secure peer-to-peer connections between participants in the collaboration session, EnSuite-Cloud ReVue will deliver an unparalleled user experience for collaboration using a unique session-sharing technology.

We recognized quite early on people’s reluctance to store proprietary data in a cloud server like OneDrive or Google Drive and use that for collaboration. With EnSuite-Cloud ReVue, users do not need to store their data on any server. Instead, we use a unique and secure session-sharing technology to allow remote users, with just a browser, collaborate on the CAD models concurrently.

Truth is, the current COVID crisis has forced all of us to get innovative with the way we work and collaborate with others. We have taken it a step further to develop technology that is set to truly democratize CAD by empowering everyone with free access to high quality 3D CAD viewing and collaboration technology regardless of their location.

Don’t forget to visit the EnSuite-Cloud ReVue page and submit your email address and be the first to know when it’s available for public use. Till then, accept our sincere apologies for having to put up with sub-par engineering collaboration solutions in the marketplace or having to get by with traditional screens-sharing apps. Rest assured that a vaccine is round the corner. And no, I am not talking COVID. I am referring to your engineering collaboration woes! We named the vaccine EnSuite-Cloud ReVue. Stay tuned

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