CAD Goes to the Cloud

February 20, 2017 Caitlin Bauman

So many software products are cloud based these days, so it makes sense that CAD software would be moving in that direction, too. But should we be embracing this? To us, it makes sense for people to be moving towards cloud based software for many reasons..

Oftentimes cloud based software can offer you a faster product with more computing power. You also have a built in backup system because your files are saved automatically. This keeps your files secure and safe from system failure. Think about it like this- if you lose your phone you may also be worried about losing everything on your phone.. apps, photos, notes etc. But if you backup your files in the cloud you can be worry free. Just buy new hardware and download all of your old files from the cloud.

With cloud based software you can choose to get updates and upgrades automatically. This ensures that you are always using the newest and best version of your software.

Cloud based software can be extremely helpful for those on-the-go workers. You don’t need to be sitting at your computer to access your software, because you have the ability to access it anywhere. This can be helpful if you have a creative space you like to work in away from the office, or if you are frequently traveling to visit clients. It allows you to easily share your work with customers and even collaborate with them.

The biggest thing to consider when making a change to cloud based software is the cloud infrastructure you are using. There are public, private, hybrid and open clouds which each have their pros and cons.

One disadvantage of cloud based software is that you are reliant on your internet connection. Even the best internet service can suffer from an outage, so you must consider this issue when making the switch.

So embrace the change to cloud based software with us! Many CAD software providers have already shifted their focus to the cloud. The positives definitely outweigh the negatives and can make your working life easier.

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