CAD Libraries (ODX) - Frequently Asked Questions

What is ODX?

ODX is an acronym for Open Data eXchange and is the brand that CCE uses for its CAD-independent libraries.

Does ODX support all CAD formats?

CCE has individual ODX libraries for accessing 3D CAD data from all commonly used CAD systems/formats. At present we have the following libraries:

ODX/Cat4 : Read & Write Modules for reading & writing CATIA V4 files.
ODX/Cat5 : Read & Write Modules for reading & writing CATIA V5 files.
ODX/Cat6 : Read Module for reading 3dxml files.
ODX/NX : Read & Write Modules for reading & writing NX files.
ODX/SW : Read & Write Modules for reading & writing SOLIDWORKS files.
ODX/SE : Read Module for reading Solid Edge files.
ODX/Inv : Read Module for reading Autodesk Inventor files.
ODX/PS : Read & Write Modules for reading & writing Parasolid files.
ODX/IGES : Read & Write Modules for reading & writing IGES files.
ODX/STEP : Read & Write Modules for reading & writing STEP files.
ODX/Pro : Read Module for reading Pro/ENGINEER files.
ODX/3D PDF : Write Module for writing 3D PDF files.
ODX/VDA : Read Module for reading VDA files.
ODX/STL : Read Module for reading STL files.
ODX/ACIS : Read Module for reading ACIS files.
Does ODX support 2D?

No. ODX does not support 2D yet. If you are interested in such support, please contact CCE sales to register your interest.

Is ODX CAD independent?

Yes. ODX is completely independent of any CAD software licensing and can be used to create applications that are independent of CAD and their API.

What platform(s) does ODX support?

ODX supports Windows 7 & 8 (32 and 64 bit), Mac OS X and Linux platforms (RHEL & SUSE)

How do you distribute ODX - static library or DLL?

Both. Based on your requirement, we could distribute either a static library or a dynamic library (DLL).

How do I evaluate ODX?

We provide time-limited trial/evaluation of any of our ODX libraries. Evaluation periods are typically from 30 to 60 days. Evaluations are free of charge and you receive full support during the evaluation period. The trial package comes with complete documentation, use cases and sample programs. You will however need to sign an Evaluation Agreement prior to working with our libraries.

How do I license ODX?

Each of the ODX libraries can be licensed separately. We typically offer our technology on a per-license royalty plus maintenance model or an annual flat fee subscription model. We would be happy to advice you on which model is more applicable to your business goals.

Do you share code samples, use cases?

Our trial/evaluation package includes complete documentation, use cases and sample programs.

Will my application's licensing be restricted by ODX's licensing architecture?

No. ODX Libraries do not have any built-in licensing. You can use your own licensing architecture for 'locking' your softwar

Is ODX dependent on any third-party technology like Parasolid?

If you were to license ODX/NX (read/write libraries for NX data) or ODX/SW (read/write libraries for SOLIDWORKS data), you have two alternatives to read the Parasolid data:

(a) License the Parasolid kernel and library from its owners (Siemens) [or]

(b) License ODX/PS (read/write libraries for Parasolid data) from CCE

What about enhancements and new releases?

All ODX libraries follow a release/development schedule that is shared with our customers. Per this release schedule, we typically have 3-4 releases every year including CAD version support updates, general enhancements & bug fixes. We are committed to updating individual ODX libraries to support latest versions of CAD formats within 90 days of general availability (GA).