TrEND is an innovative program for engineering product development using remote engineering teams.
CCE provides high-quality engineering product development services for global clients. Our experienced and knowledgeable engineers are located across the globe, which often invokes concerns about communication. However, CCE understands the importance of communication between collaborators. Distance is now a hindrance of the past.
CCE has leveraged technology to establish a reliable communication system that fosters natural collaboration of design and engineering ideas. This way, ideas can be shared as if everyone is in the same room. We call this TrEND, or Trusted Engineer Next Door.
The premise of TrEND is simple, use advanced software to coordinate video, audio and screen sharing streams from both sides of the geographically dispersed conversation, to create a natural collaboration experience. Video cameras are positioned around the collaborators that include a projection of the room’s whiteboard, desk, and each collaborator’s face. Computer screens are shared so both parties can see each other's work when necessary. Additionally, a microphone is set up for clear and direct verbal communication.
TrEND provides all of the accessibility you need when working with remote teams on collaborative projects and will certainly accelerate your new product development process.


While TrEND provides the perfect infrastructure for effective collaboration for geographically dispersed teams, it is important to hold people accountable for their actions and to provide total visibility for all stakeholders as the collaborative project progresses from initiation to completion. This is especially true when outsourcing engineering tasks across continents and multiple time zones. Emails and FTPs do not suffice. There is no guarantee that emails have arrived or that data on FTP servers are in sync with the work.
CCE has created PowerLink, a powerful, yet easy-to-use, web-based Work Order Management System to facilitate timely, reliable, and secure communications, with a single set of documents available to all stakeholders, worldwide. The Work Order captures all of the input file data, documents, instructions, progress, correspondence, and deliverables.
Using PowerLink, you can securely initiate, organize, prioritize, and execute projects globally, 24/7. PowerLink provides control, visibility, traceability, and accountability of your product design and engineering projects, mitigating the risk associated with working with globally distributed teams.
With TrEND & PowerLink at both ends, sketching an initial concept during ideation or discussing feedback on a physical part is a cinch. With this level of interaction, everyone is on the same page during every project discussion. Location is no longer an issue, communication no longer a barrier.
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