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Frequently Asked Questions

EnSuite ReVue is a secure real-time peer-to-peer CAD collaboration product that allows participants to conduct engineering design reviews using 3D multi-CAD data like CATIA, NX, SOLIDWORKS, Creo, NX... directly in the browser. It can be accessed in standalone mode directly from your browser or as CAD integrations/add-ons to your CAD system (ReVue LiveLink). For additional information about ReVue LiveLink please click here.

You do not need to install any software or browser extensions to access the standalone version of EnSuite ReVue directly from your browser. However, if you want access to the CAD-integrated version, you will need to download the add-in.

The standalone version of EnSuite ReVue is completely CAD independent. You don’t need access to any CAD software or license. However, if you want to use this as part of your existing CAD system, you will need a license of that CAD software. You will also need to download the EnSuite ReVue plug-in for that specific CAD system.

EnSuite ReVue is platform independent. Users are not tied to any specific operating system as long as you use it on our list of recommended browsers.

EnSuite ReVue works on the most commonly used browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Edge.

Note: Support for assembly files that require other part/assembly files to create the complete 3D view is currently available only on the Windows platform. If you have specific questions about data support, please email sales@cadcam-e.com before making the purchase.

We do not currently have support on the phone or tablet

There are 3 main benefits of using EnSuite ReVue for 3D collaboration over other screen sharing apps like Zoom or WebEx, viz.

  1. Independent control – each participant can take independent control of the 3D digital asset to inspect or analyze it or interact with it without disrupting the collaboration session of other participants; in engineering collaboration or design review being able to independently interact with the digital asset is a critical requirement.
  2. Direct peer-to-peer communications – ultra-low latency allowing for lightning-fast refresh rates; refresh rate of organizer interaction with 3D model to participants is almost real time; Low bandwidth usage – allows for easy sharing of large data models.
  3. Works with all 3D formats – you are not limited by the CAD software you have. Click here for a complete list of supported formats and versions.

EnSuite ReVue is the only real-time 3D Collaboration software in the market. Products like Onshape and eDrawings do not offer a way for users to collaborate in real-time using in-built audio. They provide some basic asynchronous collaboration tools where users exchange shareable html links to the file with markups/comments. But that is not real-time/synchronous collaboration. Besides, they also force users to upload/store files used for collaboration on their servers. EnSuite ReVue is based on secure peer-to-peer technology that doesn’t require users to store proprietary data on any server.

EnSuite ReVue is the most secure 3D Collaboration software in the market. For intellectual property protection, we do not store or retain any file footprint of proprietary data being used in the collaboration session. Participants cannot download or save the file at any point during or after the collaboration.

It does not need a graphics card.

Yes, encryption is used for peer-to-peer communication of data.

EnSuite ReVue is the most secure 3D Collaboration software in the market. It uses secure peer-to-peer technology for collaboration, which completely eliminates the need to store or share proprietary data being used for collaboration. At the end of the collaboration session, there is no file footprint and none of the participants have access to the data.

No, we do not support any 2D/drawing data. Click here for a complete list of supported formats and versions.

EnSuite ReVue supports all major 3D CAD formats, including CATIA, NX, SOLIDWORKS, Inventor, among others. Click here for a complete list of supported formats and versions.

We have integrated audio call for the collaboration sessions. Video support is not available yet.

EnSuite ReVue has been architected to allow for quick load times and instantaneous refresh rates even for very large data sets. There is no limit on the size of files you can open in EnSuite ReVue for collaboration.

We do not allow markups on the data during the collaboration session at this point.

Files can be loaded from your local computer using File Explorer. You can also load files from any mapped drive in Windows.

EnSuite ReVue is not a viewer product. It is best suited for users who have a need for real-time 3D collaboration. We do not allow sharing of data files after the collaboration session for protection of intellectual property.

Most CAD viewers are meant for individual use. Only one user can load and view the data on their screen. They are not meant for data sharing across multiple participants.

You cannot edit CAD files in EnSuite ReVue. However, users of CAD integrated version can edit the CAD file in the CAD system and see the result updated real-time in the EnSuite ReVue collaboration session. The edited file in the CAD system cannot be downloaded or saved by other participants In the session.

There is no limit on the number of participants in a collaboration session.

No, others cannot see what you are doing in the room when you pause and take independent control of the collaboration session.