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Executive Summary - Keep Core, Outsource Chore
"Keep Core, Outsource Chore" is a proven strategy to outsource engineering work by delegating chore work to talented professionals offshore, relieving your staff to focus on innovation and new product development.
Leverage Chores to Accelerate Core
The benefits of outsourcing include engineering cost reduction, improvement in a company's ability to focus on critical & strategic engineering issues, and reduction of time-to-market.
Taking advantage of outsourcing is much easier when working with a U.S.-based partner, easily overcoming the cultural and legal barriers involved in outsourcing to a purely offshore company.
A phased approach, with a gradually increasing level of collaboration, can increase the positive impact of outsourcing, while keeping risks low. Finally, tools to maintain visibility and control of outsourcing projects enable you to stay on top of projects as your work is completed remotely.
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