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CCE provides software development tools for engineering application providers to access native 3D CAD data in their applications, without investing in software or licenses of the CAD systems that produced the data. Currently, the only way to achieve this is by licensing expensive royalty-based API's (Application Program Interface) from CAD software ISVs. Apart from the cost, CAD ISVs, more often than not, have a stringent partner selection process and do not license API's to potentially competitive software vendors. This makes CCE's development tools the ideal component technology for 3D CAD access in enterprise applications in a cost-effective and hassle-free way.

CCE uses its own proprietary technology for these development toolkits and does not base it on any third-party application/component. CCE's development tools are seasoned, well-architected, and helps achieve complete CAD interoperability with very little effort. They are very robust and currently being used not only internally for CCE products, but also by a number of leading MCAD software ISVs (Independent Software Vendor). Applications developed using CCE's development tools are independent of any form of CAD software or licensing.

Open Data eXchange
Open Data eXchange (ODX) is CCE's proprietary CAD independent technology that allows applications to read and write native 3D CAD files. more>>
Unified Interop for Parasolid
Unified Interop (UIOp) is a set of CAD independent interoperability libraries for Parasolid based CAx Systems that provides read access to information stored in 3D CAD files and allows export to native 3D CAD formats like CATIA V5, NX, SOLIDWORKS, JT, visualization data formats like CGR, DWF, 3D PDF and standards like IGES, STEP and VDA via a unified architecture. more>>
Oceans SDK
Oceans SDK is a CAD-independent middleware component technology that allows easy integration of 3D CAD data assets in enterprise applications such as PLM, ERP, and MRP. more>>
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